Black will do !!

Winters are here and it’s always exciting for me for so many reasons. The bed chai and the coffee at a relaxed cafe with a friend. The festivities that come along. The hot and fresh breakfast finds a new meaning. The list goes on. I like the change in weather and I am already looking at my favourite jackets.

A nice black leather jacket is one thing every guy wants in his wardrobe. I definitely love the powerful feeling you have when you wear a well contructed leather jacket.

Wearing all black is not something I did for a casual day. I would pair it up with a washed denim and a white tee probably.

Instead, I paired it with my basic black denims and a basic black tee. To give it an urban, street edge, I completed the look with my diesel hi-tops. The neon multicolour highlights on the sneaker are what made me go bonkers for this pair of sneakers.

I was super comfy the whole day and couldn’t have been more casually “chilled out”.


Easy, simple and still edgy with a hint of street ruggedness.


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