Sweat Wash

IMG_9476 copy

Sweat Shirts are blessing in winters. You actually land up wearing them the most, if you like sweat shirts. The ease of movement and comfort you feel is great. I usually like solids and washed effects on my clothes.

What I am wearing today is designed by a very dear friend and keep wearing styles from his design range as he develops quite often and is a genius at the kind of clothes I like.

IMG_9488 copy

I layered this washed sweat shirt on top of my denim shirt and paired it with these multi panelled, drop crotch denims.

Diesed Hi-tops in a dull grey were just perfect for the mood of the colors and textures.

IMG_9496 copy

I have also loved the drop crotch styles for Denims as not only they look street cool but also I feel more comfortable in them.

IMG_9415 copy


Casual, washed, street, rugged.

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