Formal Candy.

DSC_0740 copy

Is there anything as amazing as a well stitched suit for men? May be boxers but I am talking serious dressing for a formal occasion here. The suit I am wearing is a product of the creative genius at the Huemn Studio and so is the Neoprene coat.

DSC_0806 1 copy

DSC_0806 copy

The look is perfect if you are planning to get out in the day and effortlessly move to the night. WGSN released their colours of 2016 and it is a combination of a soft blue(Pantone 15-3919 TCX) and a soft pink(Pantone 13-1520 TCX). It speaks of merging gender definitions or identities with the blue representing masculine and the pink representing the feminine, yet they both can be played with for men or women, playing or matching them with earthy tones, giving a fresh and easy colour story.

DSC_0807 1 copy copy

DSC_0807 1 copy

DSC_0807 copy

These guys(guys at Huemn) are my favourite in the country for the design/style identity they have created.

The Brogues from Clarks are super comfy and the soft grey on the sole somehow compliments the pink and the brown well.

DSC_0815 copy

Soft, Formal, Dressy, Sartorial.

Photographs by Mrinalini Singh.



Check in, Check out.

DSC_0590 copy

DSC_0593 copy

DSC_0600 copy

Casual dressing is an integral part of my personal style and checks obviously follow when one likes to dress causal more often. The look is grunge with drop length jacket and the wooly cardigan. I like the way the two outer wear lengths match and how the jacket also has a check lining.

DSC_0602 copy

When you say grunge, Military influences are fixed and so the G-star boots again. I love the way they are kind of worn out and I didn’t really clean them up either for this look. Grunge you know.

DSC_0621 copy

The shirt is a yard dyed cotton check with coloured neps and it is lightly brushed like all flannels are. Love the color combination on the shirt.

DSC_0598 copy

DSC_0641 copy

I kept the roll up high on this look as the boots and the layering really complimented the blocky check roll up. The inside check that shows on the roll up really adds to the “check-in, check-out” feel that I wanted.

DSC_0609 copy

DSC_0633 copy

DSC_0643 copy

Textured, Grunge, Street, Casual.

Photographs by Jithu K Gopi.

Olive street.

DSC_0395 copy

This olive green cable knit sweater was love on first sight. The collar on it really impressed me and here I am. The shirt inside is a neppy cotton shirt and love the earthy color it has.

DSC_0398 copy

My denims are super cool with the check roll up and I am a sucker for hidden details. You could roll it even broader, depending on your overall look. These were also designed by a friend. Yes I do get gifts from some insanely creative cool kids and I always get what I love. Perks of having a bunch full of talent as your friends.

DSC_0399 copy

The G-Star military boots are always a perfect way to finish off my look and the more they are aging, the better they are looking.

DSC_0414 copy

Rolling up your sleeves always adds a cool-casual feel to your look and they are easy for movement if you are involved with some work.

DSC_0410 copy

Rough-tough, Military, Street, Urban.

Dot and Denim.

_DSC1999 copy

Cheers !

The party season is on and so are the sales and promotions at all stores. I accompanied Akanksha(Blogger) for this Vero Moda event. Wine and cheese and a great performance by our home grown(indian) band Advaeta was the thing of the event.

I am wearing the micro dotted jacket and the mustard pants from Zero Dot Zero(0.0) and I paired them with a mutli-paneled Denim shirt. Mixing mustard with denim or a blue generally works very well. As you can see.

_DSC2000 copy

I have loved this jacket from 0.0 as these guys do cuts and fits which work very well with my body and I am also very fond of Abhishek’s(he is the man behind 0.0) style ideas.

Avoiding brogues for this look I again went with my Nike AF1 all white.

They are turning out to be quite the classic pair for me.

_DSC2013 copy

Chic, Urban, Cool-Casual, Easy.

Photos by Akanksha Redhu

Back to school.

DSC_0134 copy

Clean and classic is what this look is for me. Wait, its one more thing. It actually had a dress code that I had to follow for a “Social” event.

School uniform was the dress code as social was launching their new place at a new location(Connaught Place).

DSC_0155 copy

I knew this was another evening for my H&M Blazer. It is beautifully cut and is a little short in length for classic, which I like. I had picked it from Hamburg during one of my work trips to Germany. The white shirt is from S. Oliver. They actually do some pretty good quality shirts.

DSC_0165 copy

I picked these electric blue Chinos(UCB) and matched the look with my Clarks Brogues. The soft sole of the shoes is perfect for moving around and dancing if you like, which I do.

I generally keep my hair puffed be it day or evening, but was really growing bored of it so for “the good boy” charm, I combed them back and I quite like the result.

DSC_0169 copy

DSC_0170 copy

Clean, Classic, Chic, Evening.

Photos by Jithu K Gopi and so is the painting in the background.

Chelsea’s day out.

I mean is it really winters in Delhi? I have been waiting for the cold to set in so that I can pull out all my heavier and more serious winter stuff. The forecast says it might get chilly soon but my woollen striped pants could not wait any longer.

DSC_0013 copy

DSC_0014 copy

DSC_0020 copyI paired it with my Shawl Collared Sweater from Indian Terrain which I love because of the epaulette detail and a denim shirt from Denim and Supply.  The watch from Diesel is there with most of my looks.

DSC_0016 copy

The chelsea boots are a gift which were custom made for me by a very dear friend. There are very few footwear designers in India and Annie is a class apart as you can see how beautiful this pair is. Thanks to her that we would know all the updates on shoes. The soft sole is perfect for moving around in the city.

DSC_0019 copy

Urban, Street, Proper, Day-dress.

Photo by Akanksha Redhu.

Street replay.

1T0A4779-2 copy

This look has everything that I love. The shirt is a custom design from a super talented friend Rahul. The leather collar detail is a perfect highlight for a street smart look. Olive is always one of my favourites for winters and the waxed fabric of this down jacket makes it look perfectly aged.

1T0A4777 copy

The pants are a garment spray, meaning the color(pigment) is sprayed on the garment after it is sewn completely. That is why the highlights on the side seam and the roll up are still white and the thick pigment gets the matt sheen.

1T0A4782 copy

Even though Delhi is not the mostly friendly city for boots but I can’t do without them in winters. Black boots are a must have anyways and they are definitely a good investment.

1T0A4775 copy

Street, Urban, Sharp, Vintage.

Photos by Zeeshan Pasha.

Magnetic fields festival

































Before the last year got over, I did my first trip to a music festival. Magnetic Fields Festival.

It was a last minute plan and I decided to go with a friend(Rishabh) and Priyanka, who is now a friend too. We took my car and I was happy to be behind the wheel yet again. We followed the GPS and went a little off into the smaller towns on the way, but without too much hassle, thanks to the company I had, we talked, laughed and sliding through time we reached our destination. It was a six hour long scenic drive. Rajasthan has some beautiful sights and views to offer during your ride. The festival was hosted in the Alsisar Palace and the desert adjoining it. We reached in the evening around 8 and headed straight to the tents to check-in. There were rooms available in the Palace for booking prior which are royally luxurious but I was quite happy with the bedouin tents as well. It was impeccably organised right from the valet to the rightly numbered lanes and tents.

I was quite excited to be there as a blogger and I was looking forward to things right from the start. While walking through the sand towards our tent, we could hear the music playing in the palace already. The neat tents, the printed fabric walls posted on sticks, little bon fires and a good vibe from the festival crowd was setting the festival mood. We quickly put our luggage and got fresh to get out.

My favourite thing in the tent was the spacious restroom with hot running water. The desert is extremely cold in the night, so I had heard and I found no exaggeration there.

We were warned by Ruhi(magnetic team) so we came prepared to brave the cold and party. We walked from the tent area(desert) to the Palace exchanging smiles and following the sound of music. A small walk, good enough to give you a clear picture of the cold.

The palace was lit all around, it looked magnificent in all its heritage and beauty. I imagined the sets of a Bhansali film walking around. The romance of an Indian Palace is spellbinding and a music festival inside one is like a dream.

Quick bite at the food court and we were ready to begin the groovy business.

There were three different party areas in the palace. I loved the idea of party shifting from one spot to another after an act got over. There was the courtyard where the first night we danced non-stop for almost 3 hours. Five stars to the festival for the backdrop visualisations. They were completely mind blowing.

The second area was the lawn which had a bigger and broader stage for the performance and the visualisations played right behind the artists. That was my favourite party spot.

The music went on till morning but we crashed around 3:30 am.

The next day we got up early with sun toasting the fabric of our tent, giving the beautifully dispersed light inside. We lay in the sun right outside our tent. Rishabh played the guitar and me and Priyanka just chilled and lazed since we lacked the talent to add to his tunes.

There were more such parties outside other tents as I think others too wanted a piece of that sun basking. Even though the music began early, we were preparing ourselves for the evening. When its dark and faces are not so easy to recognise.

Later we roamed around the festival area and the palace in the day time. Met friends, made friends, ate food, clicked pictures, admired some beautiful people, made some conversations about life and such.

The evening started my party with RATATAT and I really enjoyed this act. I am already following them on Soundcloud. This night was quite crazy as we partied non-stop till morning. I missed the dungeon party. which was in the dungeon of the palace. True to its name, the dungeon was a torture chamber before, though I heard the party there was anything but a torture. Damn it! I still wish I could have caught up with that.

The spirit of a music festival can be seen in everyone and everything. The second morning was the same. Bright and colourful. The cold had started to tick me off a little as there was no internal heating in the tents but I tried to make up for that in the daytime with the sun toasting everything in the desert.

My third day favourite act was HVOB. Live vocals and drums and mixing. The girl has a beautiful enchanting voice. No wonder they are called ‘Her Voice Over Boys’. The party went on from one spot to another with everyone fixing their drinks in breaks at the bar and refuelling for the next act. Towards the morning time, BLOT took over and I think  they had everyone dancing to their groovy tunes. It’s a shame that I had never heard them play before as I stay in Delhi but I am glad I did at the festival and they are quite good with their music.

The festival passed by so fast and the morning was here. We had to leave. I am thankful that I was blessed with awesome company of Rishabh and Priyanka. Priyanka was a great support even for the blogpost. She even clicked some pictures that you see above. I also met quite a few people who are doing something similar as me. Left their well set corporate jobs and chase their dreams or some who are contemplating doing so. There was a certain like-mindedness in the crowd. Everyone wore a smile. Everyone seemed ecstatic and partied hard. I had a great time and given a chance to cover Magnetic again as a blogger, i would love to.

For now, I plan to travel more as the more you venture out, the more enriched you are as a person.

“we travel not to escape life, but for life to escape us.”_Anonymous

Free and Easy.


First of all,  a very Happy New 2016 to everyone. Even the non-readers. Spread lots of love and positivity in this new year and focus on your health.

That is for me to follow.


So really starting the year FREE & EASY with this Jack & Jones sweat shirt. This also was love on sight. Love the printed fabric inserts as letters in the body. The fit is superb. Worth every penny.


Without even blinking I knew what I was going to wear it with. The polka dotted blue cotton shirt from UCB and my favourite pair of DIY denims. All blue is generally tough to screw up.


The shoes are the most cherished item in my wardrobe right now. They are way too cool. NIKE AF1 is one the best shoes Nike has ever done and that is a personal opinion. You will definitely see a lot more of it.


Easy, Street, Casual, Relaxed.

Photo by: Jithu K Gopi