Street replay.

1T0A4779-2 copy

This look has everything that I love. The shirt is a custom design from a super talented friend Rahul. The leather collar detail is a perfect highlight for a street smart look. Olive is always one of my favourites for winters and the waxed fabric of this down jacket makes it look perfectly aged.

1T0A4777 copy

The pants are a garment spray, meaning the color(pigment) is sprayed on the garment after it is sewn completely. That is why the highlights on the side seam and the roll up are still white and the thick pigment gets the matt sheen.

1T0A4782 copy

Even though Delhi is not the mostly friendly city for boots but I can’t do without them in winters. Black boots are a must have anyways and they are definitely a good investment.

1T0A4775 copy

Street, Urban, Sharp, Vintage.

Photos by Zeeshan Pasha.

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