Back to school.

DSC_0134 copy

Clean and classic is what this look is for me. Wait, its one more thing. It actually had a dress code that I had to follow for a “Social” event.

School uniform was the dress code as social was launching their new place at a new location(Connaught Place).

DSC_0155 copy

I knew this was another evening for my H&M Blazer. It is beautifully cut and is a little short in length for classic, which I like. I had picked it from Hamburg during one of my work trips to Germany. The white shirt is from S. Oliver. They actually do some pretty good quality shirts.

DSC_0165 copy

I picked these electric blue Chinos(UCB) and matched the look with my Clarks Brogues. The soft sole of the shoes is perfect for moving around and dancing if you like, which I do.

I generally keep my hair puffed be it day or evening, but was really growing bored of it so for “the good boy” charm, I combed them back and I quite like the result.

DSC_0169 copy

DSC_0170 copy

Clean, Classic, Chic, Evening.

Photos by Jithu K Gopi and so is the painting in the background.

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