Check in, Check out.

DSC_0590 copy

DSC_0593 copy

DSC_0600 copy

Casual dressing is an integral part of my personal style and checks obviously follow when one likes to dress causal more often. The look is grunge with drop length jacket and the wooly cardigan. I like the way the two outer wear lengths match and how the jacket also has a check lining.

DSC_0602 copy

When you say grunge, Military influences are fixed and so the G-star boots again. I love the way they are kind of worn out and I didn’t really clean them up either for this look. Grunge you know.

DSC_0621 copy

The shirt is a yard dyed cotton check with coloured neps and it is lightly brushed like all flannels are. Love the color combination on the shirt.

DSC_0598 copy

DSC_0641 copy

I kept the roll up high on this look as the boots and the layering really complimented the blocky check roll up. The inside check that shows on the roll up really adds to the “check-in, check-out” feel that I wanted.

DSC_0609 copy

DSC_0633 copy

DSC_0643 copy

Textured, Grunge, Street, Casual.

Photographs by Jithu K Gopi.

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