Formal Candy.

DSC_0740 copy

Is there anything as amazing as a well stitched suit for men? May be boxers but I am talking serious dressing for a formal occasion here. The suit I am wearing is a product of the creative genius at the Huemn Studio and so is the Neoprene coat.

DSC_0806 1 copy

DSC_0806 copy

The look is perfect if you are planning to get out in the day and effortlessly move to the night. WGSN released their colours of 2016 and it is a combination of a soft blue(Pantone 15-3919 TCX) and a soft pink(Pantone 13-1520 TCX). It speaks of merging gender definitions or identities with the blue representing masculine and the pink representing the feminine, yet they both can be played with for men or women, playing or matching them with earthy tones, giving a fresh and easy colour story.

DSC_0807 1 copy copy

DSC_0807 1 copy

DSC_0807 copy

These guys(guys at Huemn) are my favourite in the country for the design/style identity they have created.

The Brogues from Clarks are super comfy and the soft grey on the sole somehow compliments the pink and the brown well.

DSC_0815 copy

Soft, Formal, Dressy, Sartorial.

Photographs by Mrinalini Singh.


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