Trends #6

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2016 is on and what are the fashion forward men wearing?
This story talks about some of the key looks which are hot on trend right now.

Shot in the beautiful locations of Shimla, Himachal Pradesh, the journey of this shoot was amazing and this is just a culmination of all the major #6 looks that I covered in this heart warming trip to the mountains. The individual stories will follow soon. Talking about each look in detail.


Tobacco Dandy


This look highlights the color tobacco as a strong upcoming color for men this year. The style is created with picking formal separates, married together to create the beautiful contrast of grey textures against a clean tobacco colors.

The whole look is Anuj Bhutani.




The idea of Norm Core began with not following fashion. Wearing “normal clothing” and being almost anti fashion. Dressing neutral and not stand out is the idea. Basics run the town on this look/trend. No branding, no prints.

This clean look(all) is from HnM, matched with my favourite Nike sneakers.


All Black


Running from history to current runways, this monotone look may or may not be called a trend but it is definitely timeless to wear an all black look. Unisex in its appeal, this look is a mix and match of brands and textures of black.

Jacket by Anuj Bhutani, pants from HnM and boots are Diesel.


Future active


Sports and active wear influence on fashion has been a change of a sort which is a paradigm shift. This look is futuristic where a full suit is completely driven by the sports gear. This creative genius is from Noughtone by Abhishek Paatni, matched with Puma hi-top sneakers.


Sports Tailored


Almost an oximoron in sound but a completely sensible idea for clothing. Few subtle highlights and tailoring on special fabrics to create a tailored look with which you are ready to do a summersault, if you like. Growing with sportswear influence, this makes complete sense for a new direction in clothing.

The whole look is HnM, matched with Nike sneakers.


Into the Wild


This look is about lifestyle first and then trend/fashion. For a travel shoot, this was a must as this is how most creative travelers dress like. Down jackets and washed denims are a staple for this comfort look.

A mix of brands with my fav Domrebel tee.

Photographs by Rahul Singh Negi

A big thanks to Parish Thakur and Johny Negi for all the local support and the warmth of people of Himachal. It wouldn’t have happened without you guys.

Location: Shimla, Himachal Pradesh

All black and a little gold.

DSC_0021 copy

The thing with black is that it the is the thing. Well, for this look which started with my newly gifted all black Vans canvas lace ups with gold eyelets. Black, which is perfect evening colour, can also be effortlessly in the day.

DSC_0053 copy

DSC_1336 copy

Starting from ground below, the look took on the black satin pants from HnM and my chunky knit jumper from Jack and Jones. to pimp it up black even further i sported my G-shock black watch with gold detailing.

DSC_0050 copy

DSC_0040 copy

The hints of gold in the watch and the shoes really topped the all black well. It is quite a contrast to how black and gold is strictly meant for evening. But who decides that anyways.

DSC_1342 copy   Style is about breaking rules. Till you don’t, you are just following. The trick for me was the easy black jumper that dressed the look down a little, making it perfectly day friendly.

Day, Black, Casual, City-Chic.

Print will suit.

DSC_1128 copy

A suit is not to be played with. I am not quoting anyone here but that is the general perception for suits I feel. I think suits are meant to be played with. A cool shirt is definitely a great start to experiment with your suited look. Like this printed cotton shirt which I picked up from a thrift shop because of how vintage looking it was with the wide cut collar and the retro style floral print on it.

DSC_1134 copy

DSC_1137 copy

DSC_1137 1 copy

I suggest more muted colours for the print, specially if you are wearing classic colours for the suit. The print in itself is good enough to infuse the fun element. Considering we move around in air-conditioned environments from place to place and mostly keep the jacket off, resting on the back of your chair or your folded arm or your shoulder, the print keeps the look interesting and visually appealing. Trust me, a printed shirt with a suit is also a brilliant conversation starter. Just don’t only talk abt that. It is a great day look and makes you feel a little less formal.

I finished the look with my ASOS brogues and a woven belt with a metal buckle for that slight shimmer.

DSC_1140 copy

DSC_1141 copy

Retro, City, Resort, Chic.

Suits and boots.

DSC_0824 copy

Do I miss a chance to wear a three piece suit. Never. It is the most empowering look/clothing for men and even for women I feel. This tailored perfection is by Noughtone. The are based in Delhi and really ace their bespoke business along with some uber-cool collection on sharp street style.

DSC_0841 copy

DSC_0857 copy

The rib details on this Grey window pane check suit are killing me. I would never imagine a chunky rib hem for a three piece as it is a detail used for casual wear but these guys really cracked it for a formal look. The little rib on the pocket flap of the jacket real balances the rib on the trousers. Ace styling and I love it.

DSC_0855 copy

DSC_0871 copy

Also, something amazing about a three piece is that when you take off that jacket, you look even more hot. The shirt is also from DotOne and the boots are Diesel.

DSC_0875 copy

Suited, Street, Masculine, Urban.

Photographed by Mrinalini Singh.