#6 Into The Wild

Travel and travel more. It is the most fruitful experience. 2016 be all about travel and creative collaborations. With this wish I see the outdoors/wilderness as a great inspiration to work with and what clothing choices do creative travellers generally make.

DSC_0318 copy

DSC_0316 copy

Beyond cargo pants and rugged boots, this trend is about the graphic take on comfort, keeping utility as one of the key elements.

DSC_0274 copy

Down jacket(Jack n Jones) with multiple pockets inside and outside is almost a must have for this creative traveller, matched with washed denims(ASOS) and brought out with a printed tee (Domrebel). The boots(HnM) are great for holiday travel and exploring the wild as the soft sole is quite foot friendly.

DSC_0310 copy

DSC_0289 copy

DSC_0286 copy

Yes comfort and utility still drive this look, yet the print and a bright red for the jacket give a vibrant and conversational edge to it.

DSC_0300 copy

DSC_0350 copy

DSC_0339 copy

This look was shot in the wild patches around Shimla, Himachal Pradesh, India. Beauty is all around you, you only need the eye to see it. You get to experience this saying in true sense when you step out of your daily life and travel to the unknown. So once again, 2016 be all about travel.

Photographs by Rahul Singh Negi.

Local assistance by Johny Negi

DSC_0364 copy


#5 Sports Tailoring

Fashion is like a cloud. You can not define it as one thing. Some say it goes in circles where I believe it is a constantly evolving word. Similar is the case with this all HnM(+ Nike sneakers) look “Sports tailoring”.

Sitting next to each other, traditionally these two words don’t have much in common. Sports being defined around fluid body movements and tailoring has its definitions in structure. When put together after a long stretch of the sportswear paradigm shift, this trends marries the structure and formal elements of tailoring with the ease of movement inspired from sportswear. Not just the patterns, even the little tape highlights around the hems, pockets and more, are what define this look.


DSC_0065 copy

DSC_0093 copy

With technical and special fabrics supporting the innovation of garment design, this trend trend incorporates a lot of special performance fabrics which have special fibres and blends that we do not find in natural fibre based fabrics easily, e.g. stretch or water resistant fabrics. One of the most relevant trends I think and I really look forward to how it shapes ahead in coming seasons.

DSC_0096 copy

DSC_0248 copy

DSC_0249 copy

This look was shot at a helipad in Shimla. The clear blue sky was such a treat. One could see the muddy skyline above the city side and a clear, clean skyline towards the mountains. It is always a rejuvenating experience to be in the Himalayas. Soulful.

DSC_0237 copy

DSC_0238 copy

DSC_0202 copy

Photographs by Rahul Singh Negi

Local Assistance: Johny Negi

#4 Future Active

It was SS2012 when several international designers came out with sportswear inspired collections right from rugby, basketball to many more. Surprisingly no overlaps in the sport the designers chose. Initially just a trend, it is now being considered a paradigm shift in fashion. e.g. the sneaker culture embraced globally by everyone at the same time.

DSC_0674 copy

DSC_0531 copy

DSC_0525 copy

This look by NoughtOne by Abhishek Paatni is a perfect marriage of active wear inspiration and futurism. With super hero movies and future fantasy cinema sweeping theatres across the globe, futuristic active wear is a strong inspiration right now.

Scuba suit is what Abhishek calls it and I fell in love with it, the moment my eyes fell on it. The suit of the future I say. The jacket, the pants and the coat, all can be paired with cool casuals otherwise, but when put together as this power suit, it has its own unique identity which I called “Future Active”.

Sportswear and technical fabrics are becoming a part of everyday wear slowly. These special fabrics achieve different falls and drape uniquely on the body as compared to natural fibres like silk and cotton in classic weaves.

DSC_0684 copy

DSC_0722 copy

DSC_0718 copy

DSC_0681 copy

DSC_0537 copy

DSC_0560 copy

Shot in the valley close to one of the oldest bridges in Shimla, Himachal Pradesh, India. If you zoom  in on the last pic, you can notice near my hand it reads “Burn & Co. Bridge Builders 1912 Howrah”. It is an old world iron bridge and the valley around is vast. Not a popular place for tourists to visit but I felt lucky to have been able to shoot this look here. It gave this future fantasy look a post apocalyptic earth background.

Photographs by Rahul Singh Negi

Local Assistance: Parish Thakur and Johny Negi

DSC_0764 copy

#3 All Black

When confused, wear all black. A classic in true sense, “all black” has a certain sense of “complete” without looking boring. The credit goes to the colour black. It has a strength and gravity attached to it which is timeless.

DSC_0418 copy

DSC_0436 copy

DSC_0444 copy

The colour of mourning does have a gothic co-relation or is usually liked with “dark” names/mentions. Otherwise worn for the evening, all black is coming out of strict occasion dressing to hi-fashion looks right form the runways to street fashion.

DSC_0461 copy

Few hints of contrast would generally work, yet I like the way this military style Anuj Bhutani jacket is worn, as it is here. The black satin Hnm pants and black Diesel boots were the perfect co-ordinates for me. The boots supported the military treatment of the jacket quite well.

Wear all black the way you like to, with your own favourite separates. 2016 is all about your own voice, your own identity.

DSC_0448 copy

DSC_0484 copy

DSC_0478 copy

DSC_0480 copy

This look was shot at one of the cemeteries from the British era in Shimla, Himachal Pradesh, India. Placed amidst the beautiful cedar woods of Sanjouli, a suburb, this cemetery was built for the nuns of The Covent of Jesus and Mary in 1872. Very well looked after, this place is a majestic sight to experience.  Please maintain the peace and cleanliness of the place of you ever happen to visit.

Photographs by Rahul Singh Negi

Local Assistance: Parish Thakur and Johny Negi

DSC_0434 copy

#2 Normcore

The word Normcore comes from “normal”+”hardcore”. Initially an anti-fashion movement in street style where the intention was to not have an identity(fashion). The evolution of this “normal” style has now become a very relevant and important trend, which is a byproduct of loud fashion statements and branding leading to saturation and boredom.

DSC_0244 copy

DSC_0256 copy

DSC_0255 copy

I perosnally love this all Hnm look . The clean white denim jacket and the basic grey jumper with those ripped denims is a cool, understated fashion statement on its own. No logos, no prints, no branding. Even though “Normcore” says not to stand out, this clean look is only to be admired for all the “simple” reasons. The white trucker is itself a strong piece even when underplayed.

DSC_0275 copy

DSC_0280 copy

DSC_0310 copy

The roll up is almost a must do for me and yes with no socks showing. Keep it minimal, keep it clean, keep it yourself.

DSC_0331 copy

DSC_0262 copy

This look was shot at “Rani Ground” Shimla, Himachal Pradesh, India. An old ground where now local kids and even few grown ups play cricket everyday as it is not common to find a broad patch of flat land in the hills.

Photographs by Rahul Singh Negi

Local Assistance: Parish Thakur, Johny Negi

#1 Tobacco Dandy

One of the most commonly spotted colours at Pitti Uomo this time was the colour Tobacco and the close relative variations of the same. This all All Anuj Bhutani look represents that very well for me.

Talking about Anuj Bhutani. I have always loved the label for its rich fabrics and richer colours. This modern dandy look is a combination of separates from him, put together to create this uber chic, uptown feel.

DSC_0419 copy

DSC_0441 copy

Going back to our main man of the story, the colour tobacco, this look was built on that. The rust colour shirt and the tobacco jacket was broken with a grey textured waist coat and matched with grey trousers and grey suede shoes.

The rich colours are a complete win for me and the mix of shine on tobacco and textured greys gives more depth and enriches the visual appeal.

DSC_0472 copy

DSC_0478 copy

Classic details like the three coloured, stacked pocket flaps on the jacket and the contrast belt on the waist coat are the subtle details I love and look for in designer labels. Anuj definitely aces on that. As you can see.

So Tobacco family it is for 2016.


DSC_0519 copy

DSC_0537 copy

DSC_0554 copy

This look was shot in the beautiful vintage compound of Advanced Studies, Shimla, Himachal Pradesh, India. This establishment is of great historical importance as this is where the final meeting over the partition (post independence) happened. It is a must visit spot, if you happen to be in Shimla.

Photographs by Rahul Singh Negi

Local Support: Parish Thakur, Johny Negi