#3 All Black

When confused, wear all black. A classic in true sense, “all black” has a certain sense of “complete” without looking boring. The credit goes to the colour black. It has a strength and gravity attached to it which is timeless.

DSC_0418 copy

DSC_0436 copy

DSC_0444 copy

The colour of mourning does have a gothic co-relation or is usually liked with “dark” names/mentions. Otherwise worn for the evening, all black is coming out of strict occasion dressing to hi-fashion looks right form the runways to street fashion.

DSC_0461 copy

Few hints of contrast would generally work, yet I like the way this military style Anuj Bhutani jacket is worn, as it is here. The black satin Hnm pants and black Diesel boots were the perfect co-ordinates for me. The boots supported the military treatment of the jacket quite well.

Wear all black the way you like to, with your own favourite separates. 2016 is all about your own voice, your own identity.

DSC_0448 copy

DSC_0484 copy

DSC_0478 copy

DSC_0480 copy

This look was shot at one of the cemeteries from the British era in Shimla, Himachal Pradesh, India. Placed amidst the beautiful cedar woods of Sanjouli, a suburb, this cemetery was built for the nuns of The Covent of Jesus and Mary in 1872. Very well looked after, this place is a majestic sight to experience.  Please maintain the peace and cleanliness of the place of you ever happen to visit.

Photographs by Rahul Singh Negi

Local Assistance: Parish Thakur and Johny Negi

DSC_0434 copy

3 thoughts on “#3 All Black

  1. Man, I love that jacket. Late last year I was looking all over for a jacket like that! Awesome pictures too!


  2. I love to see you after a long time Sahdev Hooda it is really very pleasant to see younger brother after such a long time we all miss you and wish you all the best for your life

    Liked by 1 person

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