#5 Sports Tailoring

Fashion is like a cloud. You can not define it as one thing. Some say it goes in circles where I believe it is a constantly evolving word. Similar is the case with this all HnM(+ Nike sneakers) look “Sports tailoring”.

Sitting next to each other, traditionally these two words don’t have much in common. Sports being defined around fluid body movements and tailoring has its definitions in structure. When put together after a long stretch of the sportswear paradigm shift, this trends marries the structure and formal elements of tailoring with the ease of movement inspired from sportswear. Not just the patterns, even the little tape highlights around the hems, pockets and more, are what define this look.


DSC_0065 copy

DSC_0093 copy

With technical and special fabrics supporting the innovation of garment design, this trend trend incorporates a lot of special performance fabrics which have special fibres and blends that we do not find in natural fibre based fabrics easily, e.g. stretch or water resistant fabrics. One of the most relevant trends I think and I really look forward to how it shapes ahead in coming seasons.

DSC_0096 copy

DSC_0248 copy

DSC_0249 copy

This look was shot at a helipad in Shimla. The clear blue sky was such a treat. One could see the muddy skyline above the city side and a clear, clean skyline towards the mountains. It is always a rejuvenating experience to be in the Himalayas. Soulful.

DSC_0237 copy

DSC_0238 copy

DSC_0202 copy

Photographs by Rahul Singh Negi

Local Assistance: Johny Negi

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