Not so Wild Life.


This is a collection of a few glimpses of life around the farm house. A little off the humans, it has more about the flowers and fruits and the animal life around the farm. Now that I have been living in the city for quite a few years and don’t get to take my summer vacations to the farm, I realise, I was quite fortunate to have grown up seeing crops harvest, flowers turn to fruits and berries, other flowers which only blossom for they pure spectacle . See the cows being milked and have fresh morning tea with “taaza”(fresh) milk. The list is endless. To sum it up, it made me see life that I would never seen otherwise, in harmony with nature.

Thanks to the monsoon again, everything was in its full glory.

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Photographed by me, Sahdev Hooda.


Humans of the farmland.

Going back to the farm is a perfect break from the city. Not just because of the surroundings, also because of the people, the faces who inhabit it. Our farm house has two villages on  both the sides. There are always kids from these villages who are monkeying around, taking animals for their grazing trips. The moment I told them I want to click photographs of them, they exclaimed and ran closer to pose for it. I laughed for a few seconds before I started clicking them. They made me take loads of them but I tried to pick the ones that spoke slightly different from one another.

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These kids work and help around in running the daily chores of their homes. Little bothered about their schooling, they never seem in a low spirit. Always excited about something.

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The below capture was a beautiful sight that I myself was lucky to see. It is  not always that you witness this part of the process. Farming is about planting and then nurturing for a good time to come. Three women putting the seedlings in the field by hand on a regular cloudy day of the monsoons. The wait follows after that.

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This guy is “Riyasat bhaiya” for me. He started working at the farm probably when my dad was my age. Now he pretty much runs the work of the entire farmland and at times even single handedly. He is a master of his job. He has seven children now so he works even harder to provide for all of them. To me, he almost feels like family. He is the one who gets a hug and not a handshake when we meet.

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The above two photographs were clicked on the walk around the farm house. Mum, dad and our dog “Heera”. He always follows you, when you get out for a walk. Somehow, all the dogs I have seen over the decades have had this habit. They all pick it up.

These two below are my favourites from this lot. First one is of my mom. the most gorgeous woman I know. The second one is of my grandfather. It is his Farm house. He built it up along with my grandmother. Today he is 93 years old. His body has aged but his spirit is still of a child. Even though he has lost beloved wife, he still laughs more than me when we talk. When I told him that I want to click a photograph of him, he quickly got ready for the shot with his fresh kurta. The tractor behind him is quite the old guy to talk about at the farm. That tractor is 43 years old and still functional. This photograph is a story for me. A long story.

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Monsoon Green.

It had been a while since I last made a trip back home. I grew up in Roorkee, Uttarakhand and my ancestral farm house is just half an hour away from the city. My grand father still lives at the farm house as he prefers to be close to nature. You will see him in one of the post that follow.

I started around 5:15 am and reached home (Roorkee) exactly at 8:08 am. The monsoon had just come in and my journey was quite pleasant, thanks to the cloudy weather. The moment I reached home I had aloo paranthas with curd, lime pickle and home made butter and demanded that we leave for the farm house without wasting any time. Mom, Dad and I spent good 2 days at farm and I carried my camera along with me. As a result I got some beautiful pictures to share.

I grew up spending my summer holidays and quite a few Diwalis on this farm house. Right from playing with cousins, riding bullocks to the fields, learning how to milk, plucking raw mangoes and eating them, riding the tractor to so many more, I have loads of memories attached to this place.

This first post is just about the few glimpses of the lush “monsoon green” that blossoms at the farm house during this wet time of the year. It is such a refreshing break from city life, every time I visit the farm house. That is why I always insist spending most of the time here and not in the city home.


The way that leads to the mango orchards. You see the twin teaks.

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One of my ma’s plants. She is quite crazy about plants.

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The old window.

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The layers of Green.

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The line of Eucalyptus.

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The Poplar borders.

DSC_0444 copy

New life.

DSC_0455 copy

Country roads.

DSC_0579 copy

Through the window.
Photographed by me. Sahdev Hooda