My First project with Koovs


It has been a while since I have been missing in action and I have solid reasons for that. Well blogging doesn’t pay you, at least in your initial years. So I took up a job at and so far it has kept me pretty occupied. However, I really missed blogging all this while yet at the same time the learning and growth at this job has been pretty incredible. In this case, as it was the project where I had to take the creative lead from Koovs for a campaign, it will always be special to me. This project happened in January of 2019.

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Well anyone who has worked in e-commerce will tell you that there is no time ever to do anything. There is truth in that I can vouch for it. This campaign was an End of season sale project where we had to create a 30 sec video as well as create some beautiful images for the banners. From the day we started the first discussion, we only had three days to conceptualise, plan, execute, edit and create the final body of work by the end of it.

It had only been three months for me at Koovs and as one should, with some jitter I took this upon myself as a challenge and jumped right into it. We were lucky to find a gorgeous bunch of models to work with.  We had a mix of Indian as well international models and to our luck, they were all available for the decided day of shoot. Concept, casting, styling, hair and makeup, music, locations and other nuances are some of the points that had to be figured out and agreed upon. We had three days to go and we had to do this fast. No time to think. I and the whole team worked with our instinct and one after the other, everything started to get aligned.



The highlight of this project was shooting inside the Delhi metro. I had no idea that the idea that had just thrown in while we were brainstorming would actually materialise. We got permissions and budgets approvals done and we knew this was gonna be a special day.




These kids had a great time. They were laughing, jumping, dancing and doing everything we wanted them to do. That is the beauty of my industry. We come together for a short period of time and through trust and support, for that time period, we become a family and at times we find friendships that last a lifetime. I was also blessed with a very talented team to work with. As a lead, I have learned that you are only as good as your team.



Please see the video. It has a piece of my heart.

Also, Happy New Year and Decade.

Sahdev Hooda


Ashish Chawla (Direction and production)

Photography: Jineesh Rajendran

Concept and creative : Sahdev Hooda

Styling : Eshita Thukral, Manglien Gangte, Navneet Khanijo

Hair and make up: Itika Chugh

Video : Karam Takulia

Talent : Lita, Lir, Polina, Lucas, Fernando, Ritam

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