GIRL BOSS campaign for Koovs


While we talked a lot about women empowerment in 2019 this campaign is so relevant for its time and it resonated with Koovs as it is an organisation which is filled with “Girl Bosses” including the CEO herself. We knew that we wanted to create the mood of empowered young girls who are experimental and rebellious and the clothes(collection) depicted the same through slogan prints and an overall casual styling inspired by sportswear and urban street style along with silhouettes that were androgynous and youthful..

Product Code _116104


Product Code _118298 and Product Code _117697


Our muses or better to say “girl bosses” aka “queens” carried the mood strongly and all three of them brought their own charisma, uniqueness, nerve and talent to the images and video. Trust me it is not easy to shoot images as well shoot video content with three models with 3-4 changes each. Well the trick is to plan everything to as much detail as possible before we go to the shoot. Also, recce to the location and recognising the spots to shoot at is probably to best for not losing any time while you are actually shooting.



Product Code _117989


Product Code _118539


Product Code _118541

Product Code _117698

_Product Code _118300

We all went home happy that evening as we knew for a one day shoot, we had maximised it to its full potential.

Creative Direction : Lauren Kate Pool

Direction and Styling : Sahdev Hooda

Planning and Execution : Bhawana Dubey

Photography : Yashasvi Sharma

Talent: Merrilyn, Milli, Diana

Hair and Makeup : Itika Chugh and Neeraj

Production House and Video : Dhananjay (GO Studios)

Styling Assistance: Navneet Khanijo + Archana Biswas


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