I am Sahdev and I am the one man army behind this blog. I am an apparel design graduate and have been working since 2008 filling different roles in the industry. But beyond my work life, there is another part of my life that exists. The dreamer, the romantic, the child. I truly believe in pursuing your passions, hobbies and anything creative that excites you, keeps you busy and makes you a better version of your self.

As passionate I am about the fundaments behind the philosophy of designs and art, I am as passionate about experimenting with them. I model, paint, act and write. There should be some things you should do, not really expecting an outcome but just for the sake of indulgence and creating a new experience for yourself. I started this blog initially as a fashion blog but slowly it has shaped into a platform for expressing myself. I now have a more diverse nature in the content I create. I love the idea of creating beautiful interesting images. Even though it will always have a background of fashion or art but it doesn’t have to specifically adhere to them as subjects.

Hope you like the stories I create.



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