Printed Soldier.


A carry forward from my last post, I tried a stronger military look this time. I started with the sweater. I love olive for winters. The olive green sweater with canvas patches and a washed look was enough to make me pick it instantly. Love the style details on this sweater.



After picking the same coloured chinos, I played a little with the shirt and chose a floral print shirt to give it a romantic feel and to contrast with the ruggedness of the sweater.


Even though boots would work appropriately well with this look I matched my brogues as the oxblood matched so fine with the shirt’s base color.

Rugged, street, urban, dressy.



IMG_6722This look started with the boots.

Got these gangsters from ASOS and they are a great addition to my collection. Also, they are G-STAR raw. Personally love the brand.

The rest got built up around the brown of these military boots. The chinos were the perfect match and the washed charcoal shirt was spot on.


The back pack seals the urban deal. The color palette is so fine for the weather and love the ruggedness of this look. For sunglasses, this look does well with Ray-ban Aviators.

The stubble compliments the look pretty fine and who wants to shave in winters anyways.

Raw, rugged, macho and urban.IMG_6737

Classic dragon.

IMG_5237I would like to declare with this post that I am a total sneaker-head. Personally, sneakers are a part of my everyday style and it is always a sensible choice to make, if you specifically have a busy day planned for yourself.


Classics interpreted in a cool, urban manner is what this look is about. A good fitting white shirt is your best fashion armour ever. I mean it can never ever go wrong. Just make sure you find yourself a good fit.


Same goes for the denims. The pair of denims here has quite a graphic wash, as it is done at home. Just some diluted bleach splatter and then wash. The roll up at the ankles is almost a must for me with denims/chinos.


The white shirt and a washed denim is always on trend guys. Just pair it up with a cool pair of shoes. I love the Adidas Originals Dragon trainers with this look and the basic grey cardigan adds the subtle element I wanted.

Classic, rugged, urban and street.

Pixel tooth.


I felt the chill in the wind today for the first time. The sun was down and the afternoon was rather lazy. Well, I still have to get out for some work and was feeling as chilled out as the weather.


I love tapered pants and even skinny ones but today was not the day for them. I kept it boxy with the drop-crotch, easy-fit denims from ZARA and layered my big hound’s-tooth jumper on top of a basic tee.


I love the pixel like graphic take on the hound’s-tooth knit pattern. The grey and black contrast is one of my favorites and so are these diesel hi-tops. Can’t get enough of them.


Tip: monotone clothing and bright or catchy shoes always work as great combinations.


Clean, comfy, modern and street

Black will do !!

Winters are here and it’s always exciting for me for so many reasons. The bed chai and the coffee at a relaxed cafe with a friend. The festivities that come along. The hot and fresh breakfast finds a new meaning. The list goes on. I like the change in weather and I am already looking at my favourite jackets.

A nice black leather jacket is one thing every guy wants in his wardrobe. I definitely love the powerful feeling you have when you wear a well contructed leather jacket.

Wearing all black is not something I did for a casual day. I would pair it up with a washed denim and a white tee probably.

Instead, I paired it with my basic black denims and a basic black tee. To give it an urban, street edge, I completed the look with my diesel hi-tops. The neon multicolour highlights on the sneaker are what made me go bonkers for this pair of sneakers.

I was super comfy the whole day and couldn’t have been more casually “chilled out”.


Easy, simple and still edgy with a hint of street ruggedness.