Men in skirts?

Men is skirts.

I think this statement holds a lot in it. Something after so much discussion and history, still has not seen acceptance in everyday style as much. I use the word style more specifically because if ever a man wears a skirt and shows up, it is considered a statement, without a miss. Be it a hollywood star showing up in a kilt on red carpet or a star kid showing up in a fashion campaign (Jaden smith), carrying off a skirt, it is always talked about. Why are we men so scared of wearing a skirt? That question has very obvious answers and I would not waste my word on that over here. However, when a guy gathers the balls to sport a skirt in a public appearance, it is certainly an empowering sight. Even more so when the person wearing it feels no compromise on his masculinity or identity.  And why the heck not. Men have worn drapes as much as women did, till the western tailoring took over the idea of everyday dressing world wide.  Check out the historical costumes of different cultures and you will know what I mean.

This look here is all Anuj Bhutani. Needless to say he is definitely one of the most tasteful designers around. The extreme minimalistic elegance that these pieces had really intrigued me and I wanted to explore the style. The very first time I tried the combination, I fell in love. It brought back the same feeling of grace I had felt when I had worn one of the tibetan men’s full length kimono. I know it sounds funny but I partly did feel like Samurai Jack and that got me even more into it. I got the feeling of an old world charm that could seem like a fantasy land. Where legends lived and world was full of mysteries.

DSC_0250 copy

DSC_0259 copy

DSC_0266 copy

DSC_0270 copy

DSC_0277 copy

DSC_0293 copy

DSC_0293 copy1

DSC_0287 copy

Moving back to the current reality, it still feels amazing to just be in it. I would usually deny myself the opportunity to dress like this more often as I would attach so much definition to it. Right from gender, sexuality, age, social appropriation and a general sense of being judged unwell. This post for me is also a part of challenging myself and my creativity. Questioning my own idea of self image and growth. It has been an empowering experience. It is a sort of beginning of a journey where I come out of my shell and explore my creativity more fearlessly. This post has some of my favourite images till now.  I love them for their pure beauty and elegance, floating free from the usual and mundane.

DSC_1775 copy

DSC_1687 copy

DSC_1685 copy

DSC_1436 copy

DSC_1427 copy

DSC_1713 copy

Starting from calmness and opening out to be its own kind of creature.

Clothes by Anuj Bhutani.

Concept, styling and photography by me.

Sahdev Hooda.


Dreams are made of colours.

There is a mad scientist that lives inside each of our’s brain. He is the original dreamer. The one who sees a broader spectrum of possibilities. Things that are not ordinary, mundane or usual.  It is this guy who pushes us to the get the juice out of life. To do things that we would not, unless the mad scientist came up with it.

These are dreams that he is always painting, right form your childhood days. Telling you to go for the biggest candy. To slip out of your mother’s protection and go roaming around the city. To just be yourself.

DSC_0096 copy

DSC_0098 copy

DSC_0107 copy

With time the scientist grows in his ideas, while you are busy updating your shoe size. He has bigger plans for you now as he only adds to “must do crazy things” list. He is not bothered about making sense. He is mad. He gets away with it. All he knows now is his love for colour. So when we go to sleep, the mad scientist is still at work. Mixing new colours, like the white and red of the candy, swirling around each other, painting a new picture for you. So that when you wake up, you know what you want.

DSC_0071 copy

DSC_0115 copy

DSC_0132 copy

Though when he is lonely, he invents friends for himself. They are generally nice guys, they like the scientist. They are his creation. his minions.

DSC_0142 copy

DSC_0157 copy

DSC_0164 copy

Well a little company killed no body.

Jumpsuit by Anuj Bhutani.

Concept and Photography by me.

Sahdev Hooda

p.s. Special thanks to Manisha Shastri for letting me shoot at her place, play with her cats and the invented friends.

Softer lands. 

Something that Anuj Bhutani can never go wrong with is his colours. I have been an admirer of his work from the first time I went through his work. His refined sense of colour and fabric has always made see a great aesthetic value in his clothes.

I was going to Leh and Anuj can not be a miss. The moment I spoke to him about my plans of shooting in Leh, he knew what was it that he would like me to shoot. It started off with this beautiful jacket. I loved the volume of it and the quirky tie ups on the waist and the hem. The fluid cotton on the body of this jacket feels great to ear and the tonal embroidery on the lower left panel is absolutely beautiful. Subtle is the word when it come to this label. We matched it with a plain cotton kurta and ankle length pants from the same genius. His fits are always impeccable and it is a complete delight to be wearing Anuj Bhutani.

DSC_0029 copy

DSC_0126 copy

DSC_0111 copy

DSC_0102 copy

DSC_0823 copy

DSC_0849 copy

DSC_0887 copy

DSC_0822 copy

This look was shot in a beautiful small village called “Nimmu”, very close to Leh .

Photographed by Malvika Jain.

#3 All Black

When confused, wear all black. A classic in true sense, “all black” has a certain sense of “complete” without looking boring. The credit goes to the colour black. It has a strength and gravity attached to it which is timeless.

DSC_0418 copy

DSC_0436 copy

DSC_0444 copy

The colour of mourning does have a gothic co-relation or is usually liked with “dark” names/mentions. Otherwise worn for the evening, all black is coming out of strict occasion dressing to hi-fashion looks right form the runways to street fashion.

DSC_0461 copy

Few hints of contrast would generally work, yet I like the way this military style Anuj Bhutani jacket is worn, as it is here. The black satin Hnm pants and black Diesel boots were the perfect co-ordinates for me. The boots supported the military treatment of the jacket quite well.

Wear all black the way you like to, with your own favourite separates. 2016 is all about your own voice, your own identity.

DSC_0448 copy

DSC_0484 copy

DSC_0478 copy

DSC_0480 copy

This look was shot at one of the cemeteries from the British era in Shimla, Himachal Pradesh, India. Placed amidst the beautiful cedar woods of Sanjouli, a suburb, this cemetery was built for the nuns of The Covent of Jesus and Mary in 1872. Very well looked after, this place is a majestic sight to experience.  Please maintain the peace and cleanliness of the place of you ever happen to visit.

Photographs by Rahul Singh Negi

Local Assistance: Parish Thakur and Johny Negi

DSC_0434 copy

#1 Tobacco Dandy

One of the most commonly spotted colours at Pitti Uomo this time was the colour Tobacco and the close relative variations of the same. This all All Anuj Bhutani look represents that very well for me.

Talking about Anuj Bhutani. I have always loved the label for its rich fabrics and richer colours. This modern dandy look is a combination of separates from him, put together to create this uber chic, uptown feel.

DSC_0419 copy

DSC_0441 copy

Going back to our main man of the story, the colour tobacco, this look was built on that. The rust colour shirt and the tobacco jacket was broken with a grey textured waist coat and matched with grey trousers and grey suede shoes.

The rich colours are a complete win for me and the mix of shine on tobacco and textured greys gives more depth and enriches the visual appeal.

DSC_0472 copy

DSC_0478 copy

Classic details like the three coloured, stacked pocket flaps on the jacket and the contrast belt on the waist coat are the subtle details I love and look for in designer labels. Anuj definitely aces on that. As you can see.

So Tobacco family it is for 2016.


DSC_0519 copy

DSC_0537 copy

DSC_0554 copy

This look was shot in the beautiful vintage compound of Advanced Studies, Shimla, Himachal Pradesh, India. This establishment is of great historical importance as this is where the final meeting over the partition (post independence) happened. It is a must visit spot, if you happen to be in Shimla.

Photographs by Rahul Singh Negi

Local Support: Parish Thakur, Johny Negi

Trends #6

collage final 1

2016 is on and what are the fashion forward men wearing?
This story talks about some of the key looks which are hot on trend right now.

Shot in the beautiful locations of Shimla, Himachal Pradesh, the journey of this shoot was amazing and this is just a culmination of all the major #6 looks that I covered in this heart warming trip to the mountains. The individual stories will follow soon. Talking about each look in detail.


Tobacco Dandy


This look highlights the color tobacco as a strong upcoming color for men this year. The style is created with picking formal separates, married together to create the beautiful contrast of grey textures against a clean tobacco colors.

The whole look is Anuj Bhutani.




The idea of Norm Core began with not following fashion. Wearing “normal clothing” and being almost anti fashion. Dressing neutral and not stand out is the idea. Basics run the town on this look/trend. No branding, no prints.

This clean look(all) is from HnM, matched with my favourite Nike sneakers.


All Black


Running from history to current runways, this monotone look may or may not be called a trend but it is definitely timeless to wear an all black look. Unisex in its appeal, this look is a mix and match of brands and textures of black.

Jacket by Anuj Bhutani, pants from HnM and boots are Diesel.


Future active


Sports and active wear influence on fashion has been a change of a sort which is a paradigm shift. This look is futuristic where a full suit is completely driven by the sports gear. This creative genius is from Noughtone by Abhishek Paatni, matched with Puma hi-top sneakers.


Sports Tailored


Almost an oximoron in sound but a completely sensible idea for clothing. Few subtle highlights and tailoring on special fabrics to create a tailored look with which you are ready to do a summersault, if you like. Growing with sportswear influence, this makes complete sense for a new direction in clothing.

The whole look is HnM, matched with Nike sneakers.


Into the Wild


This look is about lifestyle first and then trend/fashion. For a travel shoot, this was a must as this is how most creative travelers dress like. Down jackets and washed denims are a staple for this comfort look.

A mix of brands with my fav Domrebel tee.

Photographs by Rahul Singh Negi

A big thanks to Parish Thakur and Johny Negi for all the local support and the warmth of people of Himachal. It wouldn’t have happened without you guys.

Location: Shimla, Himachal Pradesh