Olive street.

DSC_0395 copy

This olive green cable knit sweater was love on first sight. The collar on it really impressed me and here I am. The shirt inside is a neppy cotton shirt and love the earthy color it has.

DSC_0398 copy

My denims are super cool with the check roll up and I am a sucker for hidden details. You could roll it even broader, depending on your overall look. These were also designed by a friend. Yes I do get gifts from some insanely creative cool kids and I always get what I love. Perks of having a bunch full of talent as your friends.

DSC_0399 copy

The G-Star military boots are always a perfect way to finish off my look and the more they are aging, the better they are looking.

DSC_0414 copy

Rolling up your sleeves always adds a cool-casual feel to your look and they are easy for movement if you are involved with some work.

DSC_0410 copy

Rough-tough, Military, Street, Urban.


Back to school.

DSC_0134 copy

Clean and classic is what this look is for me. Wait, its one more thing. It actually had a dress code that I had to follow for a “Social” event.

School uniform was the dress code as social was launching their new place at a new location(Connaught Place).

DSC_0155 copy

I knew this was another evening for my H&M Blazer. It is beautifully cut and is a little short in length for classic, which I like. I had picked it from Hamburg during one of my work trips to Germany. The white shirt is from S. Oliver. They actually do some pretty good quality shirts.

DSC_0165 copy

I picked these electric blue Chinos(UCB) and matched the look with my Clarks Brogues. The soft sole of the shoes is perfect for moving around and dancing if you like, which I do.

I generally keep my hair puffed be it day or evening, but was really growing bored of it so for “the good boy” charm, I combed them back and I quite like the result.

DSC_0169 copy

DSC_0170 copy

Clean, Classic, Chic, Evening.

Photos by Jithu K Gopi and so is the painting in the background.

Chelsea’s day out.

I mean is it really winters in Delhi? I have been waiting for the cold to set in so that I can pull out all my heavier and more serious winter stuff. The forecast says it might get chilly soon but my woollen striped pants could not wait any longer.

DSC_0013 copy

DSC_0014 copy

DSC_0020 copyI paired it with my Shawl Collared Sweater from Indian Terrain which I love because of the epaulette detail and a denim shirt from Denim and Supply.  The watch from Diesel is there with most of my looks.

DSC_0016 copy

The chelsea boots are a gift which were custom made for me by a very dear friend. There are very few footwear designers in India and Annie is a class apart as you can see how beautiful this pair is. Thanks to her that we would know all the updates on shoes. The soft sole is perfect for moving around in the city.

DSC_0019 copy

Urban, Street, Proper, Day-dress.

Photo by Akanksha Redhu.

Street replay.

1T0A4779-2 copy

This look has everything that I love. The shirt is a custom design from a super talented friend Rahul. The leather collar detail is a perfect highlight for a street smart look. Olive is always one of my favourites for winters and the waxed fabric of this down jacket makes it look perfectly aged.

1T0A4777 copy

The pants are a garment spray, meaning the color(pigment) is sprayed on the garment after it is sewn completely. That is why the highlights on the side seam and the roll up are still white and the thick pigment gets the matt sheen.

1T0A4782 copy

Even though Delhi is not the mostly friendly city for boots but I can’t do without them in winters. Black boots are a must have anyways and they are definitely a good investment.

1T0A4775 copy

Street, Urban, Sharp, Vintage.

Photos by Zeeshan Pasha.

Blue Tokai Coffee. When you pick your beans.


















Coffee at its best. What would that be like? An experience at Blue Tokai Coffee Roasters is what answers that well for me. I have grown up drinking coffee and have always loved it. Yes, mostly Cold Coffee. It never occurred to me to ever find out what goes behind the everyday coffee until I walked into Blue Tokai to meet a friend.

You walk in and realise that you are in a cafe and a work space. I take my place ignoring the well set-up studio that you can see through the round glass cut outs in the wall. Still recovering from a dental surgery, I was supposed to have only cold things. So I asked for the obvious and was denied my favourite cold coffee. They don’t do cold coffee, only iced blends. Chatting up I got to know it is a specialised organic coffee place and they work with the real essence of coffee. Once you know that, everything about the place, right from the interior design to the art, to the warmth of the people working there starts to make sense.

I asked them that in a place like Delhi where “Cold Coffee” is such a hit, how do you plan to maximise your sales without it. To which I was told that there are enough places who will serve corporatised coffee with milk but that is not their idea of coffee as they are committed to the culinary art and ethical practices around coffee growing and making. Beautiful isn’t it?

Note: Cold Coffee is not real Coffee.

After the first experience, my curiosity kicked in and I had to go there alone and become more familiar with what these guys were all about. Next time, I spent a good afternoon there. They have a beautiful backyard, in case one wanted to step into open air and enjoy some greenery along with organic coffee.

Mithilesh is a barista and along with everyone else he was happy to share stories about coffee at Blue Tokai. You can see him roasting in the pics. Yes the guy with green poly cap on his head.

By the time that afternoon slipped away in some great conversations, I had woken up to the culinary art of coffee making.

I learned that the corporatised coffee that I have been drinking all my life has been artificial. The flavour, the smell, everything is taken out and then re-injected back into the coffee.

That is not the real story of coffee. Our country is the fifth largest producer of Coffee beans and the best quality is all exported. In south India, coffee is definitely big as a local drink. But even the filter coffee there is not 100% coffee. It is a blend of Coffee beans and Chicory roots.

Real(organic) 100% coffee has a special aroma to it and you will know that once you enter the cafe. There are different levels of roast that you can try as generally what we drink is the dark roast. I personally loved the coconut Mocha that Rhea, who works there, offered me. The next round by her was even more refreshing with the peppermint mocha. They used chocolates by Mason and Co for both the Mochas I tried. I am yet to try out the sea salt mocha.

Blue Tokai was started by Matt. He initiated this project few years back and it has only grown better with time. It is a perfect example that green makes sense for business. This a great start for a sustainable chain of coffee supply. You can literally check the farm where you beans were grown, select your choice and if you like, even see you coffee get roasted in front of you.

Transparency is their idea and it shows through even the interior design of the cafe. While you sip your coffee, you can see the Blue tokai members doing their routine work, through the neat and wide round cut out in the operating wall. You can walk in and ask them whatever you want to know. They are an extremely warm and friendly bunch.

Matt is personally involved in every process right from the sourcing of the beans to the final cup of brewed coffee, ensuring the fair and ethical systems they have built around the precious idea of sustainability. You can see him in the pic with his team. He is sporting a yellow hoodie and a relaxed, happy air. His healthy attitude reflects top down in everyone at the cafe.

After the trials at the cafe, I got myself their sampler pack which contains three differently sourced and roasted coffee. I did not have any kind of coffee making machine as I was doing with Nescafe Gold till now. But I still can boil the coffee like tea and strain it the same way. It works just fine.

I have been loving this journey with coffee so far and see it becoming only more enjoyable. Homegrown at its best. After my sampler pack is done I am graduating to a coffee machine and deciding my favourite roast to take.

The experience has made me realise and respect the idea of sustainable trade and also how good does real coffee taste.

If this post appeals to you at all, you just make a visit to their cafe and trust me it will be more than worth your time.

Their website is http://bluetokaicoffee.com or follow them on their Instagram account @bluetokaicoffee

If you ever wanna spend a Sunday afternoon in a more relaxed and meaningful way, visit them as Sunday is a roasting day and you can see it happen all in front of you. They also stock some brilliant tasting chocolates if you want more than just some brilliant coffee.

Try it.

Sweat Wash

IMG_9476 copy

Sweat Shirts are blessing in winters. You actually land up wearing them the most, if you like sweat shirts. The ease of movement and comfort you feel is great. I usually like solids and washed effects on my clothes.

What I am wearing today is designed by a very dear friend and keep wearing styles from his design range as he develops quite often and is a genius at the kind of clothes I like.

IMG_9488 copy

I layered this washed sweat shirt on top of my denim shirt and paired it with these multi panelled, drop crotch denims.

Diesed Hi-tops in a dull grey were just perfect for the mood of the colors and textures.

IMG_9496 copy

I have also loved the drop crotch styles for Denims as not only they look street cool but also I feel more comfortable in them.

IMG_9415 copy


Casual, washed, street, rugged.

Classic dragon.

IMG_5237I would like to declare with this post that I am a total sneaker-head. Personally, sneakers are a part of my everyday style and it is always a sensible choice to make, if you specifically have a busy day planned for yourself.


Classics interpreted in a cool, urban manner is what this look is about. A good fitting white shirt is your best fashion armour ever. I mean it can never ever go wrong. Just make sure you find yourself a good fit.


Same goes for the denims. The pair of denims here has quite a graphic wash, as it is done at home. Just some diluted bleach splatter and then wash. The roll up at the ankles is almost a must for me with denims/chinos.


The white shirt and a washed denim is always on trend guys. Just pair it up with a cool pair of shoes. I love the Adidas Originals Dragon trainers with this look and the basic grey cardigan adds the subtle element I wanted.

Classic, rugged, urban and street.