Softer lands. 

Something that Anuj Bhutani can never go wrong with is his colours. I have been an admirer of his work from the first time I went through his work. His refined sense of colour and fabric has always made see a great aesthetic value in his clothes.

I was going to Leh and Anuj can not be a miss. The moment I spoke to him about my plans of shooting in Leh, he knew what was it that he would like me to shoot. It started off with this beautiful jacket. I loved the volume of it and the quirky tie ups on the waist and the hem. The fluid cotton on the body of this jacket feels great to ear and the tonal embroidery on the lower left panel is absolutely beautiful. Subtle is the word when it come to this label. We matched it with a plain cotton kurta and ankle length pants from the same genius. His fits are always impeccable and it is a complete delight to be wearing Anuj Bhutani.

DSC_0029 copy

DSC_0126 copy

DSC_0111 copy

DSC_0102 copy

DSC_0823 copy

DSC_0849 copy

DSC_0887 copy

DSC_0822 copy

This look was shot in a beautiful small village called “Nimmu”, very close to Leh .

Photographed by Malvika Jain.


Red Summer

Delhi summers have been burning this year. Not that any other year they are not. The occasional showers from the sky have been kind and cool and so is this outfit by 0.0. I have been blogging a lot about 0.0/Noughtone by Abhishek Paatni and I can not get enough of the swag he makes. Also, the true gentleman(him) made it to the Gen Next category for Lakme Fashion Week. The menswear collection he has designed is a bomb and is going to kick some serious ass. Look out for that.


_MG_0357 copy

_MG_0378 copy

_MG_0376 copy

This look is perfect for the weather we have been steaming ourselves with. The red vest has a cool detail on the shoulder strap and the military stripes on the side give it a street cool look. The dropped crotch scuba shorts are quite comfortable and have great ease for movement.


_MG_0354 copy

_MG_0469 copy

IMG_0426 copy

I paired this look with my Pharrell Williams Polka dotted Stansmith by Adidas Originals. I generally love colour co-ordinated looks where a colour from my outfit spills out to my accessories or shoes. A perfect way to finish a look off.

_MG_0400 copy

_MG_0402 copy

_MG_0448 copy

Generally, the combination of shorts and summer vest is more hippie cool but the little details on this look(which make all the difference) give it a futuristic edge and yes I love the red on this vest. No wonder thats all the highlight.

Photographs by Anuja Khokani.


Navy Sport

An unlined summer jacket, made out of sports mesh and impeccably finished from inside. Cool, comfortable shorts made out of the same mesh. Both by 0.0.


_MG_0277 copy

_MG_0286 copy

_MG_0284 copy

_MG_0282 copy

Added my navy coloured classic Polo by Superdry which has a perfect highlight of the neon green collar tape for this monotonous look. I obviously  had to throw my white hi-tops from Puma for this look. You know, the looks which get my sneakers out are my favourite ones. This pair has been ignored for a while but i am always loyal to my hi-tops. There a few more that i still haven’t blogged about. They probably will follow soon, in one of the future posts. _MG_0300 copy

_MG_0310 copy

_MG_0306 copy

_MG_0317 copy

I really do like the zipper detail on the side of the jacket. My style is mostly about the little details which make the difference in a garment or a look. City cool or street cool, which ever way you say, I am loving the fitness vibe everyone is picking up. I definitely am and it is seeping into my style preferences as well.

_MG_0319 copy

The idea is, jump around, break a leg or may be not.

Photographs by Anuja Khokhani.


#2 Normcore

The word Normcore comes from “normal”+”hardcore”. Initially an anti-fashion movement in street style where the intention was to not have an identity(fashion). The evolution of this “normal” style has now become a very relevant and important trend, which is a byproduct of loud fashion statements and branding leading to saturation and boredom.

DSC_0244 copy

DSC_0256 copy

DSC_0255 copy

I perosnally love this all Hnm look . The clean white denim jacket and the basic grey jumper with those ripped denims is a cool, understated fashion statement on its own. No logos, no prints, no branding. Even though “Normcore” says not to stand out, this clean look is only to be admired for all the “simple” reasons. The white trucker is itself a strong piece even when underplayed.

DSC_0275 copy

DSC_0280 copy

DSC_0310 copy

The roll up is almost a must do for me and yes with no socks showing. Keep it minimal, keep it clean, keep it yourself.

DSC_0331 copy

DSC_0262 copy

This look was shot at “Rani Ground” Shimla, Himachal Pradesh, India. An old ground where now local kids and even few grown ups play cricket everyday as it is not common to find a broad patch of flat land in the hills.

Photographs by Rahul Singh Negi

Local Assistance: Parish Thakur, Johny Negi

All black and a little gold.

DSC_0021 copy

The thing with black is that it the is the thing. Well, for this look which started with my newly gifted all black Vans canvas lace ups with gold eyelets. Black, which is perfect evening colour, can also be effortlessly in the day.

DSC_0053 copy

DSC_1336 copy

Starting from ground below, the look took on the black satin pants from HnM and my chunky knit jumper from Jack and Jones. to pimp it up black even further i sported my G-shock black watch with gold detailing.

DSC_0050 copy

DSC_0040 copy

The hints of gold in the watch and the shoes really topped the all black well. It is quite a contrast to how black and gold is strictly meant for evening. But who decides that anyways.

DSC_1342 copy   Style is about breaking rules. Till you don’t, you are just following. The trick for me was the easy black jumper that dressed the look down a little, making it perfectly day friendly.

Day, Black, Casual, City-Chic.

Print will suit.

DSC_1128 copy

A suit is not to be played with. I am not quoting anyone here but that is the general perception for suits I feel. I think suits are meant to be played with. A cool shirt is definitely a great start to experiment with your suited look. Like this printed cotton shirt which I picked up from a thrift shop because of how vintage looking it was with the wide cut collar and the retro style floral print on it.

DSC_1134 copy

DSC_1137 copy

DSC_1137 1 copy

I suggest more muted colours for the print, specially if you are wearing classic colours for the suit. The print in itself is good enough to infuse the fun element. Considering we move around in air-conditioned environments from place to place and mostly keep the jacket off, resting on the back of your chair or your folded arm or your shoulder, the print keeps the look interesting and visually appealing. Trust me, a printed shirt with a suit is also a brilliant conversation starter. Just don’t only talk abt that. It is a great day look and makes you feel a little less formal.

I finished the look with my ASOS brogues and a woven belt with a metal buckle for that slight shimmer.

DSC_1140 copy

DSC_1141 copy

Retro, City, Resort, Chic.

Suits and boots.

DSC_0824 copy

Do I miss a chance to wear a three piece suit. Never. It is the most empowering look/clothing for men and even for women I feel. This tailored perfection is by Noughtone. The are based in Delhi and really ace their bespoke business along with some uber-cool collection on sharp street style.

DSC_0841 copy

DSC_0857 copy

The rib details on this Grey window pane check suit are killing me. I would never imagine a chunky rib hem for a three piece as it is a detail used for casual wear but these guys really cracked it for a formal look. The little rib on the pocket flap of the jacket real balances the rib on the trousers. Ace styling and I love it.

DSC_0855 copy

DSC_0871 copy

Also, something amazing about a three piece is that when you take off that jacket, you look even more hot. The shirt is also from DotOne and the boots are Diesel.

DSC_0875 copy

Suited, Street, Masculine, Urban.

Photographed by Mrinalini Singh.

Check in, Check out.

DSC_0590 copy

DSC_0593 copy

DSC_0600 copy

Casual dressing is an integral part of my personal style and checks obviously follow when one likes to dress causal more often. The look is grunge with drop length jacket and the wooly cardigan. I like the way the two outer wear lengths match and how the jacket also has a check lining.

DSC_0602 copy

When you say grunge, Military influences are fixed and so the G-star boots again. I love the way they are kind of worn out and I didn’t really clean them up either for this look. Grunge you know.

DSC_0621 copy

The shirt is a yard dyed cotton check with coloured neps and it is lightly brushed like all flannels are. Love the color combination on the shirt.

DSC_0598 copy

DSC_0641 copy

I kept the roll up high on this look as the boots and the layering really complimented the blocky check roll up. The inside check that shows on the roll up really adds to the “check-in, check-out” feel that I wanted.

DSC_0609 copy

DSC_0633 copy

DSC_0643 copy

Textured, Grunge, Street, Casual.

Photographs by Jithu K Gopi.

Olive street.

DSC_0395 copy

This olive green cable knit sweater was love on first sight. The collar on it really impressed me and here I am. The shirt inside is a neppy cotton shirt and love the earthy color it has.

DSC_0398 copy

My denims are super cool with the check roll up and I am a sucker for hidden details. You could roll it even broader, depending on your overall look. These were also designed by a friend. Yes I do get gifts from some insanely creative cool kids and I always get what I love. Perks of having a bunch full of talent as your friends.

DSC_0399 copy

The G-Star military boots are always a perfect way to finish off my look and the more they are aging, the better they are looking.

DSC_0414 copy

Rolling up your sleeves always adds a cool-casual feel to your look and they are easy for movement if you are involved with some work.

DSC_0410 copy

Rough-tough, Military, Street, Urban.

Dot and Denim.

_DSC1999 copy

Cheers !

The party season is on and so are the sales and promotions at all stores. I accompanied Akanksha(Blogger) for this Vero Moda event. Wine and cheese and a great performance by our home grown(indian) band Advaeta was the thing of the event.

I am wearing the micro dotted jacket and the mustard pants from Zero Dot Zero(0.0) and I paired them with a mutli-paneled Denim shirt. Mixing mustard with denim or a blue generally works very well. As you can see.

_DSC2000 copy

I have loved this jacket from 0.0 as these guys do cuts and fits which work very well with my body and I am also very fond of Abhishek’s(he is the man behind 0.0) style ideas.

Avoiding brogues for this look I again went with my Nike AF1 all white.

They are turning out to be quite the classic pair for me.

_DSC2013 copy

Chic, Urban, Cool-Casual, Easy.

Photos by Akanksha Redhu